Doggy dan review : 5 Golden Rules – Do they really work?

As of 2019, there are thousands of dog guides available on the internet. There are loads and loads of techniques which are harmful as well as a lot of good techniques but people are confused on how to use them. One of the most popular guide is the Doggy Dan Program and we will share the review of that program with you.

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Review

We are sure that it is not easy to put whatever is in the text into action and you must have experienced the same in case you own a dog and tried any of it. It is never as effective when compared to the video information. Doggy dan has produced more than 250 videos and those videos cover each and every aspect of the behaviors of dogs. The complete Doggy Dan Review follows.

Doggy dan review

Moreover, this has also been endorsed by the New Zealand SPCA which is a really big deal. You will surely not be able to find any other program which is as good as this and as detailed as this one. You can check the SPCA website because it does actively support this initiative by Doggy Dan.

“Having Dan round to help us with our puppy Reggie was a good plan! It was calm, fun, entertaining and in no way felt like being schooled. I’d eagerly and happily recommend Dan’s work to anyone in need of assistance with an unruly dog or to someone like us who wanted to simply get the best start possible out of a puppy. Looking forward to watching the videos 🙂 ” – Russell Smith

This is a long review so make sure that you get your drinks and set aside your phone so that you can absorb as much information as possible. We had participated in the affiliate program which gave us access to the member’s area and the training material for 5 whole days.

The best part about the video content is that Dan has recorded work with real clients and shown it to the people. You will be able to see how Doggy Dan finds the behavioral issues and summarize all the problems. He will state the problem to the owner and tell the owner clearly what he is about to do and why.

You will be able to see the effects of Doggy Dan in real time in the video itself.

All the exact problems being faced are recorded on camera

You will see what body language he uses, the tone of his voice, the gestures he uses as well as methods and commands which Dan uses in order for the dogs to respond to him. Nothing here is stage and nothing is fake… the videos are proof enough.

You can clearly tell that a good amount of dogs are not particularly easy to handle and there are times when some methods do not work out that well. These videos are really important and display some rare information on the behaviour of dogs.

Dan will also use methods which will catch you by surprise and prove that they do actually work in real life scenarios. As compared to reading something random, you will actually see what’s going on and able to accurately follow along.

Ebook or no?

There are ebooks consisting tons of information but there are a good amount of limitations to those pages. Video consists of sound, the actual clip, and you can understand things on a much higher level and with the correct perspective.


The videos

Doggy Dan is one of the most charismatic people I have ever seen in a video. The way he explains things makes you want to listen to him even more and try those things out.

He really makes a positive difference in the lives of dogs and their owners.

All the things that he explains are detailed in a simplistic manner so there are no issues for beginners. All the videos provided are entertaining as well as educational.

The Method

The method used is one of the most peaceful methods and and everything he does is non aggressive. There is literally no force shown to the dogs and they are treated with love and care.

Also, there are no treats and rewards used by him because we all know that any dog can be controlled using them but there are situations where they might not be available. There is literally nothing left out by him and in case you have any problems, all the answers will be provided to you personally by Doggy Dan himself.

Who is Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan whose actual full name is Dan Abdelnoor is a behaviourist, trainer and an animal rights campaigner for the dogs. He trains dogs full time and visits and consults real people who own a dog. He helps them solve all their dog related problems and he has been doing this professionally for a good amount of time. All of the videos he makes are made using the consultations and they are not at all staged. The videos clearly show how respectful and peaceful his approach towards dogs is.

Doggy dan reviews


You can also download the audio files which are provided by Doggy Dan on his website for the members. These audio files are complementary to the videos which Dan provides.

You can listen to the audio files while completing other work. Each and every audio file is almost 30 minutes long and consists of the details about why we have to do what the video says and its effects.

Dan is really confident and he gives anyone a chance to experience a trial of 3 full days for only a dollar. You can use all the content on the website while using the 3 day trial and choose to cancel the subscription in case you do not want to continue using it.

After using the 3 day trial, the cost to subscribe is 37 dollars per month and it can also be cancelled anytime you want to.

Doggy Dan Review 2019:

Easy to use:

The navigation system of the website is really simple and anyone can browse through easily. The  user can easily find their desired section and go through it.


You will only need to pay a dollar for a three day trial and then you will be able to access the program for 37 dollars per month. You can also choose to cancel the program before the trial ends and you will be billed nothing except the 1$ bill.

Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer Review

Customer Service:

The customer support was really quick to respond when we tried it.

Way of the Dan:

The idea is based on a wolf pack known as ‘alpha training/dog whispering’. This is one of the most balanced training programs we have ever opted for.

The techniques used are very positive and there are other alternative methods which are equally good and are used in cases some do not work.

The Pack Leader:

You will be trained on ‘how to become a pack leader in front of your dog’. You will have to remind your dog again and again that you are at a higher level and the dog is at a lower level of the pack to do that.

You will have to mimic the actions of a wolf in order to do that.

The Golden Rules:

To remind your dog that you are the pack leader, you will have to eat before the dog and it can be anything.

The belief is that the alpha of the pack will eat first.

The next step will be to remove the food of your dog if it does not start eating within a second. You have to remind the dog that you are in control of all the resources.

Ignoring the dog after you are separated:

The thing is you will have to completely ignore the dog when you return home from work/school and not respond to the tail wagging, not make any eye contact.

Whenever you return, the dog will check if you are the pack leader anymore.

Tools and Tech:

After you are done with completing the rules in the guide, there are tools and techs you can use in order to customize the training style of your dog. There are a number of peaceful techniques as well as tools available here.

All the techniques are based on science. There are different kinds of punishments too. One of them is isolation. It is the same as the techniques which parents use with their kids.

Of course, the guide tells you not to shout or slam the doors and isolate the dog in an aggressive manner, it tells you to do it very peacefully.

Project Moses:

This is one of best part of the program. Starts with an 8 weeks old puppy and goes on till it is 8 months old.

All of the things have been documented and it must have been a lot of trouble for doggy dan. All of the traits like chewing, potty training, crate training, swimming, desensitizing, socializing are covered in there.

There are a number of other things which are in the program and if you are planning to get a new pup in the near future, it is one of the most helpful resources available.

Puppy Training:

There is a whole season of video training sessions dedicated to this topic and this info is totally beginner friendly.

All the introductions related to the basic commands as well as the advanced puppy actions are covered in this session.

You will learn:

  • Walking the puppy on leash and without leash
  • Stop the puppy from jumping on people
  • Foods for puppy
  • Socializing the puppy
  • Make the puppy love its home
  • Learning the difference between mouthing and biting

And a lot more

Behavioural problems:

There are a good amount of dog owners who are struggling with their dogs regarding the behavioural problems. The root cause is the lack of training during the puppy phase.

Some dogs have an abusive background and that might be the root cause too.

Their behaviours are totally fixable and there is a section which is dedicated to separation anxiety, jumping, pulling, hyperactivity, phobias, fears.

There are a good number of scientific techniques available in this training.

You will learn:

  • Why does the dog become aggressive all of a sudden and how to solve that problem
  • Why is the dog aggressive to other dogs, people or animals
  • Different reasons for barking
  • Why is the dog hyperactive
  • Why is the dog jumping on people or furniture

And a lot more

Detailed Training:

This is one of the most detailed section you can find anywhere. It goes deep into the dog psychology.

One of the most important parts of this is the dog’s body language. Doggy Dan is the only program which will help you understand the body language of the dogs. Understanding the dog by using the body language is one of the most advantageous traits.

Help Forums:

This is one of the most active parts of the program where the members post all their questions about the course. All the answers are posted by Doggy Dan himself.

There are none other courses where the creator of the course will answer the questions of the users personally.

A ton of videos:

The member’s area consists of a ton of videos which are related to dog training and most of the sections have the podcasts of Doggy Dan himself.

There are a number of documents for the people who favour hard copies in order to learn instead.

Conclusion: This is one of the most detailed review you can find anywhere. This review only consists of relevant material and is devoid of any useless material. We make sure to check the quality of our content. Make sure to regularly visit in order to stay updated. We hope that this guide helps you make your decision. Good Luck.

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